Creative Holistic Care should be Part of Your life and Your Pets

Our Creative Vet Center is bringing you creative natural, holistic ways to care for your furry family members.  When we talk about caring for someone holistically we mean to help them not just in a physical way but also to care for them by taking into account mental and social factors.

Dogs like people can have issues with things like anxiety, whether it be owner separation anxiety or becoming anxious in social situations around other dogs, or even during thunderstorms. Much like people dogs can suffer from fears, or general discomforts, that can ultimately lead to mental illness.  Certain discomforts might arise from health issues like epiphora, you’re dog might respond to this discomfort by constantly rubbing their irritated eyes, there are many holistic ways you can reduce tear stains, so that you’re dog will be calm and no longer put up with the discomfort.

You can check out They review natural products as well as others that can help to reduce the look of tear stains.  One such natural product that is listed on their page is TearPlex. It claims it doesn’t include tylosin a well known anti-biotic used on many farm animals, instead it used natural ingredients like Dandelion which is well known as being naturally anti bacterial and antifungal, as well as gluthathione which is a great antioxidant, that provides support for immune system. It also contains many other herbs that may help your pooch.

Herbal medicines, acupuncture and chiropractic, and yoga are no longer just remedies for Humans.  An article by the Milwakukee Wissconsin Journal describes how holistic medicine care is becoming more and more popular for all of your pets, from dogs to cats, to birds and even horses.  There have been many veterinary studies that show acupuncture can be a therapeutic intervention for certain aliments in your pets.  Such studies even suggest it can help pets who have neurological disorders.  Note that acupuncture should only be practiced by trained veterinary professional, and should never be attempted by any other persons.

Asides from expensive therapy sessions, there are other easy ways you can keep your pets mentally happy by providing them with a safe, and clean environment to live in, properly socializing your pets, and making sure they exercise enough. These are the most basic things you can do to have a healthy pet be sure to check out some of our other articles to find out more! See some articles and product reviews here .